Acrow Props – Versatile Support for Construction and Renovation

In construction and renovations, safety is of paramount importance. Acrows, also known as adjustable metal props or steel props for short, are crucial in supporting various construction and structural purposes. This post will explore acrows, their benefits, and how to locate them.

What Are Acrow Prosthetics?

Acrows are adjustable steel posts used for supporting vertical loads. These columns are commonly found in temporary shoring, construction, and renovation applications. They consist of two major components: an outside tube (the external sleeve) and an inside tube (the interior sleeve). The inner tube can be extended or retracted and fixed with the locking pin or collar. They are highly versatile, durable, and easy to use. This makes them an indispensable tool in the construction business.

Application of Acrow Props

  • Supporting the Formwork: Acrow props may support formwork in concrete slabs, beams, or columns. They provide vertical supports and help distribute the concrete load until it has hardened and become sufficiently strong.
  • Permanent Shoring: During renovation or construction, temporary shoring will be needed to support existing buildings. Acrow props will work perfectly because they can adjust to the height needed to support walls and ceilings.
  • Support for Scaffolding: The Acrow Props are used along with scaffolding as additional support, providing stability and safety when workers work at height.
  • Repairing Floors: In older buildings, floors can sag due to structural problems. Acrow supports can be used for lifting and supporting sagging flooring while repairs are made.

Acrow Props Benefits

  • Achievable Height: One of the acrow props’ greatest advantages is its adjustable height. The adjustable height allows acrows to be customized and adapted to the requirements of any project.
  • Strength: Acrow props typically are made of high-strength metal, which allows them to support heavy loads. They are designed for construction use and can be reused multiple times.
  • User-Friendly: The Acrow Props are relatively easy and quick to install. They make a great choice for building sites. The inner hose can be extended by hand or retracted using a wrench.
  • Versatility: The Acrow Props are very versatile. They can be used to support concrete formwork and even reinforce existing structures. Their versatility makes them a good choice.

Where to Find Acrow Props for Sale?

Acrow props for sale can be rented and purchased via several outlets, including

Construction Equipment: Manufacturers: Local construction suppliers often offer various acrows for rental or purchase. These suppliers can advise choosing the right props according to your specific requirements.

Online Retailers: Many online retailers or e-commerce platforms sell acrow accessories. You can look through different options, check prices, and have the props delivered to your home.

Rental Companies: Renting acrows is a good option if you need them for a project. Rental companies can provide props of various sizes, which are usually well-maintained.

Internet Classifieds: Some classifieds online or in used construction equipment auctions will offer acrows at affordable prices. Before purchasing used props, make sure you assess their condition and quality.


Acrow Props are versatile, adjustable columns made of steel that provide support and stability for construction, renovating, and shoring applications. Their adaptability and ability to handle heavy loads make them an essential tool for construction sites. Acrow props will provide a reliable solution whether you’re renovating a structure or supporting a temporary building. To find the right acrow props at the best price, consider several factors, including the load, the height, and the condition. In the end, acrows make renovations and construction safer.