Watches under 500

You can find a watch to fit any budget nowadays, whether you want to invest in a piece that is more luxurious with a larger price tag, something on a more average scale or whether you’re after something budget. There is the perfect watch for you by different brands such as Tissot, Casio, Swatch and so many more. At the House of Watches we stock many brands that can fit to whatever budget you may have for yourself or for a gift.

Founded in 1888, T. H. Baker has been a leading family owned jeweller and authorised dealer for generations. As a company we have 130 years experience in the industry, so we can assure our customers that they can buy from us with complete confidence. With House of Watches being connected to T. H. Baker, that means you can purchase with the same confidence throughout the two brands.

Knowing which watch to chose for you or loved one can be hard, especially when there are so many different types and styles of watches for females. Here at House of Watches we have plenty of watches to suit every female’s style needs and specification needs. It can be quite daunting as to where to start when deciding on the perfect watch for you or a loved one. Here at House of Watches we have over 130 years experience in fine jewellery and watches, making us the perfect place to find your ideal watch for yourself or to gift.

With thousands of watches available to choose from under £500 at House of Watches, there are plenty of styles and specifications to suit every wearers needs. There are plenty of different brands out there that provide different specifications, different technologies and styles with their watches. The main decision will always come down to what you’re after in a watch, how you want your watch to look and how much you are willing to spend on it. There will always be something out there that’s right for each individual, it’s just important to do your research before investing in a timepiece.

In this budget you have the option to purchase a stunning Casio G-Shock watch that fulfils all your sporting needs. A beautiful classic Tissot watch that looks and feels like the luxury timepiece that it is or a bold, bright and durable fashion watch from Swatch. There are multiple brands to choose from at House of watches, we have everything you need to find the perfect timepiece for you and your loved ones.

Purchasing an investment watch doesn’t have to be time consuming, however it is important to know which brand you are after and the different collections they offer. Once you’ve done the research into which brand you would like to purchase from then it’s all systems go. Depending on the kind of specifications you’re after in your watch, will depend on how much you will need to spend.

Head to House of watches now to shop our large collection of different styles, specifications and grab yourself or your loved one the perfect timepiece.